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Hand crafted accesories that are going to make you look outstanding

About us

We design and make affordable leather goods, and have a strong passion for creativity — creativity makes us happy. 

We truly believe in functionality of design and the transformative power of uniqueness.

We are constantly designing new prints for our bags and using the full spectrum of colours for our leathers. Each item that we make is made in limited quantities, and with some bags only one piece is made in that pattern of leathers. This adds to the uniqueness of our products and the distinctiveness communicates elegance and beauty.

Perfect design and good relationships come from collaboration. We have a strong customer base and we are excited to start a visual dialogue with you through our website.


For special requests

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Contact us

If you have any questions please contact us:


We provide free delivery in the UK.
We provide free delivery to most other countries 
worldwide for purchases over £200

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